A New Journey Was Discovered

Thirty Sundays in New York is a project that developed in quite a different tempo and approach in comparison to Thirty Sundays in London. The project started with the same set rules by me, yet I did not follow the consecutive 30 weeks as I had initially set… I don’t really think it necessarily needed to be executed in the same way. The photographic response simply occurred in a different process and that felt as part of a new place.

With this project, my only intention was to connect photographically to my very own personal experience of New York. I did not look for the ‘expected locations’, such as, Time Square, Statue of Liberty, Met Museum, or any other touristic location in New York. Thirty Sundays in New York it actually resembles a lot about my emotions in the city and the chase of quiet spaces, such as gardens, parks and the beach in Coney Island. Yet, you will also find some important festivities like St. Patricks Day, Halloween, Christmas.

After a year looking back at all these images I begin to miss the buzz and the quiet in this large city. It’s a complex place that challenges you naturally everyday. New York is a wave of knowledge, romance and dirt. Now being away for over a year, I get to miss many things about this wonderful city that allowed me to reconnect with myself in ways I hadn’t even realised then.