In Christmas 2011 I received a cute little Fuji instant camera as a present from my partner Mikko, with three packs of film, each containing 10 frames. The camera and the photographs created, have many limitations. However I fell in love with their imperfection.

I became fascinated with the idea of making actual work with a photographic form that once was so popular, but now is almost extinct, the instant photograph. The immediate visual gratification of the instant photo has been replaced by digital cameras and their LCD screens. Furthermore, digital technology has also meant the disappearance of the photograph as a physical object. I am celebrating the instant photography in its more traditional form.

I have always had an interest in documenting spaces, and so I began taking instant photographs once a week, on Sundays, documenting my life and locations where I spent time with my friends and partner. Thirty Sundays is the realization of the 30 instant photographs and places where I’ve been to during this time. Each photo represents to me a memory of a person or the day itself. Each Sunday has its own story and aesthetics.

Thirty Sundays is a result of spontaneous reactions to the places and spaces I have been to, rather than anything elaborately planned.

The project is an experimentation with no overarching theme. It has been done under certain rules set by me and the limitations of the little camera.

I would like to invite you to have a look at the thirty photographs, my Thirty Sundays. Veronica Sanchis