Sunday # 15

It’s been fifteen weeks since I started Thirty Sundays. When I look at all the photos that I have taken I can not help but feel nostalgia. Each photo reminds me of people that I’ve spent Sundays with or of the places I have been to. The photos also make me more aware about the passage of time.

In addition, its been great to experience a start of a project in which I haven’t had much control over my camera. During these three months I have learned to understand the capabilities, or perhaps more specifically the inabilities,  of this small Instax camera. The camera only provides four exposure options, indoor-dark, cloudy-shady, fine and clear. However,  the different exposure settings  have not always applied successfully to all the situations where I have been photographing.

One thing I have fallen in love with this camera is the fact that it is instantaneous. I think it works well for this project since every moment I shoot is a very spontaneous reaction to a place or situation.

I look forward to the next 15 weeks to see how the series matures.